Requires OSX 10.10 or higher


Great features bundled in a simple app to help you take notes and write documents

LightPaper lets you write your documents/articles/blogs using powerful features such as markdown, folder navigator, real and live preview, shadow notes, multi-tabs, custom styles, distraction free mode, syntax highlighting, math rendering, full GFM support including GitHub tasks, Jekyll rendering, and more.

Whether you are a professional writer, a blogger, a developer, a scholar, or a student, LightPaper has you covered for all your writing and note taking needs.

Shadow & Scratch Notes*

One of the coolest features of LightPaper, Shadow Notes allows you to take notes for almost anything. You can take notes for an app, a file, a folder, any browser or even URLs within a browser.

With a single click, you can also switch to scratch mode and quickly take draft notes.

Both features are easily accessible from your system menu bar and has full markdown support including syntax highlighting and quick preview.

After taking notes, open LightPaper to see a list of all your shadow and scratch notes. You can then continue to edit the notes or save them to your local drive as a regular markdown file.

* Requires OSX 10.10 or higher


Unlike most markdown editors, LightPaper supports multiple tabs so that you can stay organized and be more productive. Tabs switcher allows you to quickly switch between one tab to another without having to reach for your mouse. Right-click on the tab for quick actions such as Show in Sidebar, Show in Finder, Add to Favorites etc

Quick Open

With fuzzy search matching, quickly open a document or a folder without having to actually remember its name or navigating a long filesystem tree to it.

Smart Drag-&-Drop

Struggling remembering the syntax for links and images? Well, just drag and drop them and LightPaper will take care of the rest.

Editor Outline

List of all the headers and code blocks so that you can quickly jump between them.

Live Preview

LightPaper's fast and live preview means you can see how your document is going to look like as you type it.

Use pre-packaged styles to change the look-and-feel of your output or create your own.

LightPaper also allows you to see a preview in an external window which is great for presentation or if you have an extra monitor.

Real Preview

RealPreview, another unique feature of LightPaper, allows you to see how your post would look like on a website when you publish it before actually publishing it. You can add multiple sites as well and switch between them. We call it magic and you have to see it for real!

Preview Outline

List of all the headers from your preview so that you can quickly jump between them.

Choose your Markdown flavor

LightPaper comes packaged with full support for two very popular markdown formats - MultiMarkdown (MM) and GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM). When you choose MM, you get advance document authoring features such as footnotes, tables, citations etc. When you choose GFM, you get all the awesome GFM features such as tables, fenced code blocks, strikethrough, URL autolinking and even Task List!!!

Math Rendering

LightPaper supports two very useful third-party plugins PrismJS and MathJAX out of the box. These plugins allow you to highlight your code snippets and render your math equations. Once you are satisfied with your documents, you can easily export the rendered documents in either HTML and PDF formats.

Mermaid Integration Extensions

LightPaper makes it easy to add any external CSS or JavaScript assets. This means you can extend LightPaper's preview with your favorite libraries like Mermaid to add flowcharts and sequence diagrams, for an example.

Jekyll Rendering Support

LightPaper takes extra care of Jekyll posts and is very smart when it comes to rendering them. It parses out and creates a nice table for your front matter and also renders your local images. With Folder Navigator and Multi-Tabs features you can open your site folder and edit multiple posts at once. And with QuickOpen you can quickly open one of your posts without having to remember the post's filename.

Custom Styles

Select an editor style that fits your personality. You can choose from a number of pre-packaged styles for both editor and preview.

If you don't like one of the pre-packaged styles, you can download and use one from a list of community supported styles. Or if you are feeling a little bit of adventurous then you can write your own styles and share with us.

LightPaper also allows you to apply styles to individual documents and previews which is great if you need high contrast and/or large fonts for presentation, for an example.

Distraction Free Mode

Switch to Distraction Free Mode when you need to focus on one paragraph as you are writing.

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